To summarize this complex condition, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory condition. CBD works its magic acting as an anti-inflammatory substance.

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Recommended PROH CBD Products:

500mg or 1000mg Full Spectrum or Isolate CBD Oil:

  • When consuming CBD oil, we recommend the person take a half of a dropper twice daily or a full dropper once a day underneath the tongue and let it absorb through the salivary glands. Ingesting the CBD like this allows it to enter the bloodstream in as quickly as 15 minutes.

8oz 500mg or 1000mg Full Spectrum Massage Oil:

  • PROH CBD Massage Oils come in Natural Scent, Lavender, and Sandalwood. The medium is MCT natural coconut oil and is great for sore muscles and joints. After taking our CBD Massage Oil to a therapist, clients have mentioned sleeping better than they have in years the night of the massage.

(Coming Soon) 25mg or 50mg Full Spectrum CBD PM Capsules:

  • Taking CBD in capsule form is a great way to get a slow release result of absorbing CBD into the stomach and digestive system. It will also promote CBD oil staying in the bloodstream until the next serving is taken.

Dosing Philosophy:

  • Our dosing philosophy is to start with a lower milligram than higher at first. A person can always increase dose if results aren’t achieved within two weeks of consistent use. In many cases CBD, being an anti inflammatory, takes around 14 days to see and feel results. Consistent dosing is recommended.

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