Results have shown CBD and the Hemp Plant to have profound affects in the subject of cancer.  Laboratory studies have resulted in the proliferation of Estrogen + Positive and Negative breast cancer cell lines when using CBD.  Other studies have shown CBD to isolate cancer cells and starve them   resulting in the cancer cells committing suicide. 

Rick Simpson, one of the original freedom fighters in the subject of Cannabis and Cancer recommends High doses of THC along with CBD.  Most people can’t handle the Psychoactive affects of the THC, so CBD is a great alternative still being effective.  High doses of CBD are recommended. The more CBD a person can ingest the better when combating cancer. 

Three reasons to use CBD when diagnosed with a type of cancer:​
Cancer is caused by inflammatory conditions and CBD is an anti-inflammatory. 
Studies have shown promising results that CBD isolates cancer cells and starves them.
CBD can combat the side affects of Chemotherapy such as Nausea and Anxiety therefore opening up opportunities for the body to heal itself. 

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Recommended PROH CBD Products:

PROH CBD recommends a 1000mg or higher Oil if you have Cancer. Contact PROH CBD for a custom blend of oil if you would like to purchase one with higher than 1000mg CBD content.

​500mg or 1000mg Full Spectrum or Isolate CBD Oil:

  • When consuming CBD oil, we recommend the person take a half of a dropper or a full dropper underneath the tongue and let it absorb through the salivary glands. Ingesting the CBD like this allows it to enter the bloodstream in as quickly as 15 minutes.

(Coming Soon) 100mg Full Spectrum CBD Capsules:

  • Higher serving amounts are available and can be custom blended into Gel Caps or Oils to fit your needs. Please call (720) 476-0132 or Contact our knowledgeable consultants for more information or to find out about our custom blends.

Dosing Philosophy:

  • Our dosing philosophy with cancer is to take high doses of CBD on a consistent bases. In many cases CBD, being an anti inflammatory, takes around 14 days to see and feel results. Consistent dosing is recommended.

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