Studies show that vaporizing CBD Oil is the quickest way to relieve anger emotions. The vapor will enter the blood stream in less than five minutes. To manage anger on a longer term scale PROH CBD recommends using Gel caps or Oils twice daily, or as needed.

Recommended PROH CBD Products:

500mg or 1000mg Full Spectrum or Isolate CBD Oil:

  • When consuming CBD oil, we recommend the person take a half of a dropper (20 drops) twice daily or a full dropper (40 drops) once daily underneath the tongue and let it absorb through the salivary glands. Ingesting the CBD like this allows it to enter the bloodstream in as quickly as 15 minutes. Please note that it may take an individual from 10 to 20 days to achieve results.

(Coming Soon) 500mg CBD Vape Cartridges:

  • Very effective when trying to relieve the anxious/agitated feeling. Delivering CBD vapor to the lungs is one of the fastest methods to feel results out of all methods of ingestion. This is important when the person is feeling anxious/agitated. The effects don’t last as long as other methods of ingestion.

(Coming Soon) 25mg or 50mg Full Spectrum CBD Capsules:

  • Taking CBD in capsule form is a great way to get a slow release result of absorbing CBD into the stomach and digestive system. It will also promote CBD oil staying in the bloodstream until the next dose is taken.

Dosing Philosophy:

  • ​Our dosing philosophy is to start with a lower milligram than higher at first. A person can always increase dose if results aren’t achieved within two weeks of consistent use. In many cases CBD, being an anti inflammatory, takes around 14 days to see and feel results. Consistent dosing is recommended.

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